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From the initial idea to series production and delivery, we offer the entire process from a single source. As a certified company implementing the standards and regulations of the medical technology, aviation, mechanical engineering and vehicle construction fields, we can fully support our customers at our locations in Germany and China.


We map every step of the design and manufacturing process. As a system supplier, we serve as your expert consultant and partner, and can offer complete oversight of every phase of your project.

Project Planning to Delivery: All From a Single Source

We are happy to support our clients’ entire project. We begin with the initial consultation, a feasibility analysis, and creative design that considers and utilizes both material- and technology-specific stipulations and possibilities. From there we continue on to design, the technological and material development, or adaptation if necessary, as well as the manufacture of equipment and prototypes. The process culminating in series production, right through to Plug & Play delivery. When necessary, we can rely on the support of our large network of highly-qualified partners.

Project Management
We offer certified project management and supervision for your entire project. Our experienced team will guide you from conception and design through to delivery. You can rest assured that, with us, your project is in good hands.
Project Preparation, with consulting and feasibility analysis
Research and Development
Working in close cooperation with universities and technical colleges, as well as scientific institutions (including co-financing of an Endowed Professorship for Plastics Technology at the TU Ilmenau), we excel in research and development, particularly with specialized materials, processes, systems and equipment technology.
Leistungen – Forschung und Entwicklung
Technology-specific Design
Concept development and product design - pioneering work in product development, combined with many years of experience, prove that effective product development begins in the initial stages of conceptualization. This is where the first foundations for a successful product are laid, by utilizing the unique benefits of our materials and processes. At this stage of the project, we offer you partnership-based cooperation and advice on each individual process step that goes above and beyond the average customer-supplier relationship. By capitalizing on the full range of fiber composites’ technical potentiality, we create highly-efficient, optimized design solutions. Our long-standing and technologically experienced team of designers and engineers open up new possibilities for our clients’ design team, in the form of fresh design approaches and concepts, and in composition of creative solutions.
Detailaufnahme CFK Bauteil - Glossar- Leistungen
  • Process selection and development
  • Simulation and computation (FEM)
  • - Collision analyses
    - Impact test analysis
Leistungen – Engineering
  • CAD design of components, tools and systems technology
Leistungen – Konstruktion
Computation (FEM)
Component design, FEM calculation and simulation
Leistungen – Berechnung FEM
Tools and Equipment
We develop the production equipment in-house for what are chiefly very individualized specifications, including: systems technology, fixtures, as well as model, tool and mold construction, including tool design
Leistungen – Werkzeuge Anlagen
Prototype Construction
Production of prototypes, sample parts, and small series production
Leistungen – Prototypen
Testing and Component Inspections
Owing to our experienced and systematic approach to project planning and monitoring, we are able to guarantee security for the customer throughout the entire process chain. Our certified project management specialists are at our customer’s disposal during the entire process, from start to finish.
Leistungen – Bauteilprüfung
Series Production
Above all, our expertise lies in the complete series production of fiber composite components, sophisticated assemblies and complete systems, including painting, final assembly and testing, and plug and play delivery, all in accordance with our customer’s stipulations. Our quality control guarantees the high-quality of the products, and the reliability of the processes.
Leistungen – Serienfertigung
Digital or analog, according to the customer specifications and according to regulations and standards of the relevant industries such as FDA, VDA, MDR, ISO 9100.
Leistungen – Dokumentation
Through to Logistics
In accordance with client specifications, including “Just-in-Sequence” and “Just-in-Time” delivery
Leistungen – Logistik

Fundamentals of Our Success

Our Processes

We work with all common processes in the field of fiber composites (excluding autoclave and pultrusion).

In addition, thanks to our in-house research and development department and, when necessary, with our trusted research partners, we are able to implement modifications to the various materials and processes, in order to solve our customers’ specific problems.


Our expertise encompasses the entire product development and manufacturing process, including aesthetic design as well as material and process development.

Whether in-house or together with our expert partners, we are able to develop and manufacture the appropriate materials, processes and equipment, to meet our customers’ specific requirements and needs for their projects.

References – Our Projects and Clients