SCHMUHL – Over 50 Years of Experience in Lightweight Construction and Fiber Composite Technology

As an independently certified company, we have been successful work partnerships with our clients for over 35 years. With a current production area of 5000m², our employees work with care and innovation on the development and production of highly-efficient products and solutions.

Our mission statement is to create consistently satisfied customers, because the customer’s success is also our success.

Today, more than ever, our brand stands for the pioneering spirit. It stands for innovation, and expertise in the development and manufacture of products and series solutions in the fields of fiber composites and lightweight construction.

We offer you the complete development and manufacturing process from a single source.

A Certified Company

As a certified company, we naturally comply with the norms, standards and regulations for aviation, medical technology, as well as vehicle construction and mechanical engineering, from our locations both in Germany and in China. As a system supplier, we advise or can take charge of the entire product development process for our customers, from the initial design sketch to full series production and logistics.

At SCHMUHL support begins with advice on, and development of, the aesthetics and functionality, the material selection and a process-appropriate design, culminating in the series production of complete plug & play systems, which can be delivered “just-in-sequence”, if and when required.

Our experts are at your service, from advice and assistance in the product planning phase, through all subsequent phases of the process.

Together with recognized scientific partners, we conduct exclusive research into particular problems in the fields of material and technology development, generating tailor-made, future-oriented solutions for our customers.

Schmuhl is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and works in accordance with:

… and naturally, other customer-specific stipulations, as well.

SCHMUHL offers a complete package:

As your skilled partner, we offer you the complete package, in compliance with all applicable standards and regulations in the automotive and aviation sectors, and the fields of medical technology and mechanical engineering.

Our parent company is located in Germany, with a team of ca. 120 employees and an annual revenue of approx. €13 million, on a production area of ca. 5,000m².

Our subsidiary in China has a team of ca. 30 employees and an annual revenue of approx. ¥14 million RMB (approx. €2 million), on a production area of 1,200m².

The company is directed by the Managing Directors in Germany:
Unternehmen: Klaus-Peter Schmuhl
Peter Schmuhl
Unternehmen: Markus Schmuhl
Markus Schmuhl
Responsible for Client Services are:
Schmuhl Unternehmen: Frank Rosenbaum
Frank Rosenbaum
Sammy Techritz
Sammy Techritz


Schmuhl Unternehmen: Nicole Schulze-Könitzer
Nicole Schulze-Könitzer

Production Manager


Schmuhl Unternehmen: Rico Kretschmer
Rico Kretschmer

Quality Assurance Manager

Schmuhl Unternehmen: Sylvia Otto
Sylvia Otto

Engineering Manager

Schmuhl Unternehmen: Toralf Stephan
Toralf Stephan

Commercial Manager

Schmuhl Unternehmen: André Mueller
André Müller

Human Resources

Schmuhl Unternehmen: Anja Horn
Anja Horn
Managing Director at our China location:
Tan Qi Yu
Team Qingdao

Our Company History

Learn more about our exciting history, our more than 50 years of experience in fiber composite technology!

Careers with Schmuhl

Schmuhl is a modern company with a broad portfolio of large, global-based customers.

Our high quality is due in large part to the collaborative efforts of our highly skilled team. Whether in production, administration, or purchasing: we offer our employees not only a wide range of development opportunities in all areas, but also a high degree of security, as well as additional benefits.

Discover your possibilities to enter the working-world of Schmuhl.

The name SCHMUHL stands for over 50 years of experience in lightweight construction and fiber composite technology.

Our family business has written an impressive success story since its foundation in 1986.

Today, Schmuhl is an important partner for customers in a wide range of industries, as well as an important developer and supplier in the following sectors: Medical technology, Automotive, Aviation, Mechanical Engineering and Equipment Construction.