Our high quality and success is based on our many years of experience and on our investment in the continual professional development of our employees.

SCHMUHL stands for team spirit and cohesion in a modern working environment, with the opportunity for each individual to advance according to their abilities and aspirations.

In this way, we achieve the highest possible quality while fostering a pioneering spirit in the development of optimized and innovative technological solutions.

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SCHMUHL – Your career with an internationally-active global supplier for large- and medium-sized corporations

Schmuhl is a second-generation family-operated company,with a long-standing tradition of mastering difficult challenges and while developing visionary new solutions.
The basis of our success is our technical expertise, and it is also the commitment of each individual team member and the company as a whole, to continuous improvement and delivering the best performance possible.

We have a highly-qualified team of ca. 130 employees, who value mutual collaboration and support. Our clientele is international, and as such our standards are high – in terms of achieving optimal results, as well as cultivating a spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

Employee training is a high-priority for us, and we offer a modern workplace, as well as the opportunity for the continuous development of our employees. In so doing, we achieve a high level of personal commitment and mutual loyalty, to the benefit and satisfaction of our international customers.

Show your motivation and master exciting challenges together with our team!

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