Definition of terms:

AFRP – Aramid Fiber Reinforced Plastic

CFRP – carbon fiber reinforced plastic

C/SiC Green Bodies– Carbon Fiber Reinforced-Silicon Carbide components, used in for high-performance applications such as brake pads for high-speed elevators

CT Bed – Patient beds for use in computed tomography

FCP – Fiber reinforced plastics

FCT – fiber composite technology

GRP – Glass-fiber Reinforced Plastic

Monocoque – (French) body consisting of a single shell that absorbs all or most of the stresses

MRI Beds – Patient beds for use in magnetic resonance imaging

PET-MRI tables – patient tables for use in positron emission tomography and magnetic resonance imaging

Plug & Play systems – Extremely simplified final assembly of our fully completed systems

PU Foam – Polyurethane Foam

RTM – Resin Transfer Molding (pressurized resin injection process)

TFP components – Tailored Fiber Placement – variable-axial fiber-plastic composites used for ultralight construction applications