How it all began:

1976 in the GDR – Winter sports – Winter Olympics in Innsbruck – Development and manufacturing of equipment such as aerodynamic housings for bobsleds, luges and CFRP helmets 

Development of sports equipment and parts for luges and bobsleds (competitive sport)
Foundation of the Schmuhl company in Lothra (Thuringia) in 1986, premises located in an old farm complex

Products: GFRP water ski developed in 1986 - (image: water ski and luge housing)

1991: Re-establishment further to reunification, 1-man company moves to former pigsty (approx. 850 m²) in Liebschütz (Thuringia)

1996: Construction of Hall 2 (600 m² of production space)

2002: Construction of Hall 3 (600 m² of production space and 400 m² of office space)

2004: Construction of Hall 4 (700 m² of production space and 300 m² of office space)

2006: Construction of Hall 5 (1350 m² of production space and 400 m² of office space)

Establishment of Schmuhl Composite Engineering:
This move sees all development work carried out by an independent division of Schmuhl Faserverbundtechnik in cooperation with other partners and offered as a service.

Establishment of the Schmuhl Plastics Technologies

Training of Chinese colleague in Liebschütz

Presentation of the 2007 Automotive Industry Award for the development of a one-shot technique. The award was presented on the occasion of the ceremonial opening of Hall 5 and the new office wing.

Total workforce 2008: 104 employees