The Schmuhl group investes much potential in the development of new technologies and product solutions. Our innovations were and are the future for our industrial sector.

1986 Dipl.-Ing. Peter Schmuhl founded under crampted conditions the company Schmuhl. Thanks to his innovation power and his staff from the former one-person- company a powerful company group has become. With our advanced technology we are at the top of the international competition and supply renowned product industries with product systems.



RTM - Oneshot - Procedure -
makes it possible to manufacture highly cost-effective series with the help of the RTM technology

Rapid hardening of thermosets in micro-wave fields


Products / Materials:

Carbon fiber reinforced profiles / carbon fiber profiles

Components for flying instrument to FAR 23,854

Carbon fiber reinforced silicon carbide (CSiC)

Components for deep and lowest temperatures of up to 4K


Production plants:

Fully automatic injection system

RIM plant

Mould shafts

Mobile shaft lines designed and produced in-house (RTM process)

Robotic facility and cabin

CNC-Milling center


Research and development projects:

2015 VF 0001 - 2015 FE 9001
Design, development, design of a heave expander of a vibration testing system made of a sandwich composite of carbon fiber and plastic foam.

2016 IVW 0043
Preparation of an R & D cooperation project on the production of cost-effective, highly precise, light-building active components by means of injection molding and RTM processes for electric motors (disc motor)

2016 IVW 0073
Preparation of an R & D cooperation project with the topic of flexible and application-oriented design and production processes for transverse flux (reluctance) drives (focus on frequency converters)

The project sponsored by the Free State of Thuringia was co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).